Wednesday, July 20, 2016

And the next failure will be......

We have two choices this year. One, Donald Trump, will set race relations, gender relations, sexuality relations, all relations back quite a bit. The other, Hillary Clinton, arguably the lesser of the two evils, is more than willing to take your tax money to increase the Welfare State and has no issues with using unsecure means to transmit secure information and lastly doesn't give a rats ass if US citizens are killed overseas. Thinking there may be no lesser of the two evils on this one. One can only hunker down and pray for the Zombie Apocalypse.
There is no third choice. Sanders won't run independently. We're fucked. The best we can do is sift through the flaws to find the few useful bits of each and decide whether we can live with the bad stuff in hopes of getting the good stuff. 
So while the rest of the world alternates between laughing at us and WTF?, you have a pretty nasty decision to make. Good luck.