Friday, August 24, 2007

Where have I been ?

Toward the end of the tourist season here on The Head so things have been crazy. Caught a couple of kids breaking into cars and it ballooned out of proportion. Seems the kids were pretty active crimewise.

Got ahold of Dr Henry Lee's Forensic Files, one of his latest books.

Those of you interested in Forensics would do well to pay heed to the man. Those of you just interested in high profile cases might get a better insight as well. The man is the best. Were Forensic Science 'The Force', Dr Henry Lee would be Yoda.

Became aquainted with his work a few years ago when I branched out into Forensics. Didn't leave Road Patrol, mind you. I'll always be a neanderthal until injuries take me off the street. Became a Crime Scene Technician. Found I had a knack for latent fingerprints. Once took a viable print off of a rusty shovelhead using magnetic powder. My greatest achievement was getting a hand print off the inside of an old lady's window. Put a career criminal in prison for life under the three strikes laws.

Forensics may look technical but its easier if you look at it as a puzzle. Think of the 5 W's and you have Forensics. Who- was here, is still here, lived here, lived in the area What- do you see as you enter the area, what do you smell as you approach, what is the area like, what are residents saying Where- is the body, is the weapon in relation to the body, are the wounds on the deceased, are the valuables in the house When- did it happen, was the last time the area was seen prior to the crime, did somebody see the person alive Why- is there blood spatter on the ceiling, is the door locked from the inside, is the water running, are the lights out yet its night You see, its putting together like a puzzle is answering the 5 w's. Not just looking at a hammer on the shelf and saying, 'theres a hammer'. Its looking at the hammer and asking why its on the shelf, what type of hammer is it, what is the white powder on the handle, does it look out of place, etc You find all you can about the hammer and it will answer other questions. Like dominos. In Forensic Science why the hammer is on the shelf is just as important as what it was used for.

So anyway, that's it in brief. Lee has several books out. Some are technical and might be boring to the layman while others are like the one to the left detailing high profile cases.

Looked it up for this photo. Seems it only costs $12,500 plus two first class fares to get him to come speak at a function for you. Might be worth getting several jurisdictions worth of Detectives together. I'm having thoughts....