Friday, December 5, 2008

Sore losers these Republicans.....

George and the good old boys are sifting the details about troop withdrawals, having worked it out with the Iraqi guv'mint. Takes place over the next three years.;_ylt=AvSDXYG89OwYInnD1ny_rmz5SpZ4
I must say it shows their stupidity, to think rational people wouldn't see this as an act of sabotage for the incoming Obama regime. They know the American people are sick of the death toll. They know we can't continue footing the monthly bill in billions of dollars. So come next month Obama will have to start from square one to make a new plan and a new agreement with the Iraqi government, all the while having to endure the Republicans screaming to the heavens that they already made the deal and Obama is screwing up. They're deliberately throwing a wrench in the spokes, disregarding the inevitable human cost in lives this type of politics provokes. Just like Vietnam. And what do the commanders say ? Well, their toads are saying that for security reasons it would take three years. But that doesn't wash. I was a soldier, I know units are designed to be moved much quicker than they would have you believe. And more recently I've looked over the Iraq situation more than once, and not the rhetoric, but moreso the facts. If Muqtaq and the rest of the spiritual leaders want us out of Iraq (hint: they do), a 6 month withdrawal would be practically bloodless if we were to ask them to call off the dogs. . What dicks. I'd slip my entire next paycheck to The Man if he were to just yank everyone out of there and tell those parasites to make it on their own. They have close to $100 billion in cash reserves yet pay nothing. Our people are dying performing patrols that they should be doing. Hmmmm. Sounds familiar. Just like other wars ? Bout done losing friends to that meatgrinder. We can go a bit more giving our money away to rich sheiks (the documented corruption over there is astronomical and they all granted themselves amnesty recently) but too many young people have died there. Like so many others before them. My but I do ramble.
Its funny. I'm still a conservative by nature. Just so disillusioned with the outgoing regime.

If you are able,
save for them a place inside of you
and save one backward glance when you are leaving
for the places they can no longer go.

Be not ashamed to say you loved them,
though you may or may not have always.
Take what they have taught you with their dying
and keep it with your own.

And in that time when men decide and feel safe
to call the war insane,
take one moment to embrace
those gentle heroes you left behind.

Major Michael Davis O’Donnell, 1 January 1970, Dak To, Vietnam, Listed on February 7, 1978 as Killed In Action, March 24, 1970

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Are they serious ?

As most of you (all three of you ?) who read this, I am definitely FOR private gun ownership and the rights of gun owners. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the way. HOWEVER...
Apparently we are to believe now that it is safe to take a gun into an airport in Georgia. Recently the Georgia governing body passed into law a statute allowing those with concealed weapons permits to carry a concealed firearm on public transit.
I see two ways to defeat this measure. First would be the laws both for and against to be contradictory, thus the new law should be held in abeyance until clarified. The second would be to declare the airport a business, which really it is anyway, just run by a government contractor. A business, in most all states that I know of, has the right to refuse service and access to whomever it deems necessary. If said business were to deny access and custom to concealed weapons licensees, they would not be able to legally come on the property. This would not be discriminating on the basis of race, color, creed, nor sexual orientation, and therefore should fly, so to speak.
Then we can use the same argument against the death penalty for this matter. The biggest argument being that the laws governing such and the system in place for such is fallible, thus innocent people may be put to death. While I am for the death penalty, I will admit that innocent people have been found guilty and given such a penalty. This is not speculation, it's fact. So now the same government also issues concealed permits. Anything run by humans is fallible, so who is to say that somebody who is mentally unstable has not already obtained a permit. Now you are saying that person can take it into an airport ? What happens on the day Starbucks isn't open early enough for him ? Will he then go to the airport ?

Apparently I left this one on the burner, thinking I had already published it. Apparently I'm mentally unfit to blog.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meeting the minds half way

I must admit that the first thing that springs to my mind is something along the lines of agent provocateur, China has invaded Taiwan from within. How can two countries with such a history of fear and intent on domination come together like this ? (Though Wu Poh-Hsiung does look like the Grandfatherly type with his balding head and powder blue tie)

It has been said, quite a bit ago I might add, that China would stand as the next World Power, taking the place of the United States as the monitor of the world community. It was said that China was the only country with the resources and will to enforce a certain humanity over the constantly warring and struggling countries that make up this planet without having to take over said countries. I can't say whether they themselves could withstand the temptation to dominate and posses some five years ago, but perhaps if we take a close look at the way they handle their own current crisis internally and the results of their diplomacy with Taiwan, we might come to a better understanding of their present social psyche.

Already, before the tremors have subsided, Chinese officials have begun talk of allowing parents to have more children and what is to be done to help those in affected areas to rebuild. Further, some 5,000 orphans are already being held out for adoption. Officials at the lowest layer of government are questioning higher without fear of reprisal and those above them are listening. They want answers as to the destruction of so many schools and other infrastructure related issues. Clearly, not the China of Tienanmen Square, which would have written off the cries of protest, prehaps violently.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Its almost scary

I look into my Stat Counter every so often to see if anybody has read my stuff. For the most part, no, but I can't blame anybody but myself for being the boring old ranting fart that I am. I enjoy doing a blog entry now and again so it serves its purpose. What scares me though is this picture here. It was part of a blog entry I did in April of 2007. Most people who come to see me enter on the April page. Because if you were to look at the statistics you'll find that most of the people who find my blog are looking for this picture. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold dead on the floor (where they should be, of course). Why, I wonder. Are they pundits looking to illustrate their own thoughts and opinions on the subject matter ? Somehow the cynical side of me can't believe that. I think its more of a possibility that its just runts who idolize the two bastards. Mom, Dad ? What are your children looking at ?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not sure if there is a threat there or not

Seems China is learning lessons from our military actions in Iraq (x2) and Afghanistan. According to the Spooks (that's law enforcement slang for the CIA) China is on a rapid advancement avenue for its military policy, upgrading their defense systems/tools and fine tuning their tactics. Guess the days of the human wave attack are over. Is this a threat ? Don't think so. I think instead its smart policy making, moving their nation up in the overall preparedness department. With so many internal problems right now, I just don't see the Chinese as wanting to start a program of expansion just yet. And with the Olympic Games and other feel good warm fuzzy one world/one people stuff going on just a few minutes from now, I'd say that China has an opportunity to take a respected position in the center of the world stage in diplomacy much like America has done in the past but can't do anymore because our leaders have run the finances into the ground. And who knows, maybe with their no nonsense approach to things (CEO puts radiator fluid into cat food and lead into children's toys-CEO dies shortly after the mistake is discovered they can clean up messes in ways that our system of government and weak hearted social conscience won't let us (hint- people don't die from water boarding, but then, the Chinese don't water board, they kill your family). So its with a healthy respect that I watch China as world events unfold. I won't turn my back on them either.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

We get caught up in ourselves and then...

We had just begun our tour the other day and I walked out of our shift meeting lost in the tasks I had ahead of me and wondering if the general public would allow me to get them done. (They never do.) Then I looked up into this. Stopped me dead in my tracks. My Corporal was talking to me about something but I had to ignore him for the moment. Whipped out my trusty Sony Cybershot so I could share this with y'all. Sometimes we forget the cliches that we need to remember. Like stop and smell the roses. While the rest of the night was anticlimactic (except for the guy who volunteered to go to jail the next morning) this was a darn good beginning.

Please, feel free to copy these to whatever place or page you wish. God, Allah, The Great Is did not give this to me. He just let me borrow it. Its yours too, and everyone else's. Remind me to tell you about my brushes with God sometime. (not enough time right now).

You can go to a movie and pay $14 to get in and $5 for a small soda and $18 for a small popcorn and you will be entertained but here is something you don't have to pay for, its given to you. Such a gift you need to stop and accept, even if you're like me and don't receive gifts very well. This one was given to me. More like the opportunity to pass it on was given to me. As sacrilegious as it may sound (though not intended), I am God's beyotch. Which has to do with the aforementioned brushes with God which I told you I don't have time right now to get into so stop asking. Get back to work.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

.....You do for me also.

Back in May of 2007 it was reported that Jetsadophorn Chaladone, a 25 year old Thai mother of one, was granted a financial settlement for having been used as a child sex slave in an Australian brothel. Known as 'Ning', she was originally sold into slavery by her father, who apparently thought she was to be used as a nanny. (Yeah, I believe he thought that. He's never lied to me before....dick) When she reached Australia she was put to work in a brothel and told to work off a $35,000 debt on her back. There she suffered the abuse one thinks about when one thinks of child sex slave trafficking. Wait, you don't think about such things ? Its just another subject for made for tv movies on the Women's Channel and you're busy watching police chases on Spike TV ? Or, God forbid somebody believes this but, you don't believe it happens ?

Well lemme tell you, its real, it happens, and the above note in the annals of journalism mean absolutely NOTHING. Yes, there are some who would believe that this monetary award to a former slave is a step in the right direction. But I'm telling you, its not a step, its window dressing. Its toe movement when the world needs to move the whole damn foot. Read the article. The brothel where she was held captive, at the time of the writing, was never investigated. Mind you, on behalf of the Aussies, I can't say this is the norm. I did a Google and found several stories of slavery trials and investigations.,22049,23335079-5001021,00.html

The criminals in question face up to 25 years. But why does this happen at all ?

Recently I came across a site called When you go to a site like this you have three initial reactions to choose from. Anger, dismay, or indifference. Anger at the parents who sell their children, anger at the slave operators, anger at the governments who by not prosecuting such things condone it. Dismay that in our time there are people who would do such things to children. Dismay that its happening 'over there' so there is nothing you can do about it. Or indifference, as you have your own problems which are more pressing. But unless anger and dismay lead to action, they become indifference. When I first riffled through the site I thought to myself that I didn't have any money (case in point, my 8 year old computer with a nonfunctional CD-ROM grumblegrumblegrumble) to give. Mind you if they were to foot the bill, I do have some skills that might be of service to them, myself and quite a few other prior military (wink). But that's not what they are about. You can kill every slave holder in sight and others will pop up out of the scum pile. They are about changing governmental indifference and helping the victims to live the rest of their lives in some semblance of normalcy. So rather than let my anger lead me to indifference, I felt a need to post and tell you all about it. Yeah, I'll send my obligatory conscience driven $25 when I can put it aside (should take me about two weeks), and if you can do the same it will make a difference, but if you're like me that's all you can do financially. So I think to myself: knowledge. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is a light shed upon dark corners where the demons hide. Here is my knowledge which I pass upon to you. Do the same, pass it on to others. Shed light. Maybe the guy that reads your blog isn't a low income type. Maybe he/she has some money they can spare. You do your part in allowing them to do theirs.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

That which you do for the least of these.....

As you can see I've placed an Amber Alert ticker on the left there. Some of you with web sites and blogs might do the same. Having seen first hand in the course of my job how effective an Amber Alert can be, I cannot see an argument against giving up a little space. The whole premise of the Amber Alert is information distributed quickly and in as broad an area as humanly possible through every form of media available. David Brin wrote a sci-fi book called 'Startide Rising'. In it the genetically advanced dolphins act as the humans do. At times he addresses the 'mass beaching' instinct of the mammals and how they use a cry of child in trouble or child needs help as a cry to bring them back to sanity (its been a while since I read it, sorry David). Amber Alert works in much the same way, appealing to what I believe to be a human's base instinct to protect children. As inured as adult society has become to other adults undergoing tragedy, I'm sure there aren't many out there whose attention is not turned when there is mention of a child in danger. And with so many people looking, the chances of a child being recovered grows exponentially.
You can also get a desktop ticker, though I haven't tried it as I don't know what it might do to this archaic machine of mine.

So there you go. A little information goes a long way. Tag, you're it.
I'm thinking about doing a bit on several sites I've come across along this same vein, in case any of you have any input on the matter.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Officer involved shootings

Seems like things are getting a bit intense here in South Carolina. The number of officer involved shootings over the past month have me concerned that it is a societal trend. What scares me is not so much the gunfight itself, but what happens afterward. Most don't realize that if Hannibal Lechter were machine gunning an elementary school and I put a bullet through his head, I would still be open to criminal charges and, even worse, the family of the serial killer can (and will) sue me with a good chance of coming out the other side with a check. Unlike a criminal court, a civil court is open to alot more evidence that really shouldn't be considered such. Speculation, hypothesizing, "I heard from a friend..." and other such nonsense could actually be paraded in front of the jury. If they believe it, then Lechter's family gets paid.
I won't go into too much detail but a Deputy from another county recently was face to face with an armed man who had taken a hostage. The Deputy should be clear to shoot, right ? The criminal had a gun and was using it to threaten an innocent, all you need, right ? Seems there are some questions now about how many times the Deputy fired. Scary, isn't it. Because this kind of stuff can only lead to law enforcement officer's questioning their own actions prior to doing them. In a gunfight you don't have that time. Let me ask you. If a criminal is shooting at you, do you want the officer who is rescuing you to hesitate before firing ? Do you want him thinking about saving you or thinking about losing his house, car, and assets ? If he does, you can thank your local civil litigation lawyer. To be continued....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pakistan's progress

Pervez Musharraf has lost the backing of his people, garnering only 15% of the vote in the recent election. The word is that Pakistan's 160 Million people, primarily of Muslim faith, are using their Democratic system to oust Musharraf, and to many, his United States supporters. True to his word, stating that if he ever lost the backing of his people he would bow out, Musharraf has relinquished control of the military and is taking a smaller role in his country's government.

This in turn geeks me out in an extremity as here we have a Muslim country using the methods we profess to be the true form of free government, to combat what they feel is a mili-dictatorship that doesn't care for, or feed, its people. While I'm saddened by the attitude toward the US, I cannot help but applaud these people as proof positive that a Muslim country CAN be Democratic. Its almost a test run for what possibilities Iraq holds. Damn, I said that out loud.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm back

Been off line for a bit but I'm back, having moved a short distance and taking advantage of a sweet property deal (Appraised at $299k, bought for $243k, 5.75% FIXED for 30 years. 2100 sqr feet with two car garage, tile floor, etc. If you're interested in moving to the lower east side of South Carolina or northern Georgia or a few other places in Texas, email me . If you credit me with sending you their way, I get a $500 Home Depot Credit Card if you close. This kind of deal is going on and on in this area. DR Horton is making its money by volume sales on new homes in really nice subdivisions with incentives like $2000 cash cards on closing. They buy your 100%mortgage down to 5.75% fixed if you close by a certain date. If you know nothing about home buying, trust me, this is a great deal. ) But I digress....

So al-Qaida Deputy Leader Ayman al-Zawahri had an open question period on line recently. I turned pale watchin all the pundits place such a high value on this event, even though no answers have been forthcoming to the over 900 posts and x2 or higher questions. Many of the questions focused on long term strategy for al-Qaida with a liberal dose of questions regarding command and control of operatives and the big one, why hasn't there been further attacks on the US? What surprised me though were questions of the same flavor regarding no attacks on IRAN ! Apparently the true believers on the lower end of the food chain regard Iran as a target for aggression as well. (psst, hey dumbasses, Iran is getting the bomb !)
So anyway, the pundits are for some reason feeling that the lack of answers to people who MUST be al-Qaida holy warriors must be a sign that the top of the food chain has no control. Further, the type of questions posed MUST be reason to believe that no information is travelling down to where it is needed. What a crock. People, if I asked you about masturbation in a crowded room, would you answer me ? Most likely not. But if you really felt I needed the answer you would use a more private mode of communication, which is likely what the al-Qaida leadership did. This not counting that the purpose for the on-line forum was probably NOT what they stated it was for. Hell, it could have been a CIA plot to gain intel on operative email addresses and user names. Stranger shit has happened and worked in the past.
Thats all for now.