Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Are they serious ?

As most of you (all three of you ?) who read this, I am definitely FOR private gun ownership and the rights of gun owners. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the way. HOWEVER...
Apparently we are to believe now that it is safe to take a gun into an airport in Georgia. Recently the Georgia governing body passed into law a statute allowing those with concealed weapons permits to carry a concealed firearm on public transit.
I see two ways to defeat this measure. First would be the laws both for and against to be contradictory, thus the new law should be held in abeyance until clarified. The second would be to declare the airport a business, which really it is anyway, just run by a government contractor. A business, in most all states that I know of, has the right to refuse service and access to whomever it deems necessary. If said business were to deny access and custom to concealed weapons licensees, they would not be able to legally come on the property. This would not be discriminating on the basis of race, color, creed, nor sexual orientation, and therefore should fly, so to speak.
Then we can use the same argument against the death penalty for this matter. The biggest argument being that the laws governing such and the system in place for such is fallible, thus innocent people may be put to death. While I am for the death penalty, I will admit that innocent people have been found guilty and given such a penalty. This is not speculation, it's fact. So now the same government also issues concealed permits. Anything run by humans is fallible, so who is to say that somebody who is mentally unstable has not already obtained a permit. Now you are saying that person can take it into an airport ? What happens on the day Starbucks isn't open early enough for him ? Will he then go to the airport ?

Apparently I left this one on the burner, thinking I had already published it. Apparently I'm mentally unfit to blog.