Wednesday, July 20, 2016

And the next failure will be......

We have two choices this year. One, Donald Trump, will set race relations, gender relations, sexuality relations, all relations back quite a bit. The other, Hillary Clinton, arguably the lesser of the two evils, is more than willing to take your tax money to increase the Welfare State and has no issues with using unsecure means to transmit secure information and lastly doesn't give a rats ass if US citizens are killed overseas. Thinking there may be no lesser of the two evils on this one. One can only hunker down and pray for the Zombie Apocalypse.
There is no third choice. Sanders won't run independently. We're fucked. The best we can do is sift through the flaws to find the few useful bits of each and decide whether we can live with the bad stuff in hopes of getting the good stuff. 
So while the rest of the world alternates between laughing at us and WTF?, you have a pretty nasty decision to make. Good luck.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Random cop musings

Practically every Law Enforcement agency I know has used the target on the right for weapons qualification. I appreciate those guys from ISIS making it easier for us, should they choose to come see us here in the states.

So what's going on ? Lessee. We have a young man running around robbing people and businesses. 16 years old. We put him in jail, charged as an adult for kidnapping, burglary, and armed robbery. Judge let him out on his own recognizance the next morning. He was seen later that day talking smack to police officers, saying we couldn't hold him. Over the next week he went on to steal two cars and rob a convenience store. Even in this day and age there are still places with "It can't happen here" mind sets.

I'm taking a MOOC, Massive Open Online Course, through I'm studying under a professor at Leiden University, located in The Hague, Netherlands. The one I'm taking is a study of terrorism and counter terrorism and is proving quite informative. The best part is, it's free unless I want a certificate at the end of the course. I'm thinking $50 is worth it to put on my resume that I took a course there. The site has hundreds of courses available from such small time schools as MIT, Oxford, etc.(sarcasm is just another friendly service we offer) You should look into it. The days when you could spend the rest of your life without continuing education are over.

It's summer, so the kids are out breaking into cars. You'd be amazed how many folks leave their car doors unlocked at their homes. Several firearms stolen so far. Seriously. Who leaves a gun in their car unlocked ? Answer: morons. Hope I don't have to recover one of those weapons off the body of some kid who thought he was a gang banger. Be more than happy to return it to the owner with a punch in the face. Mind you, I praise folks who purchase firearms and are responsible with them. On the low side they can at least protect their families til we get there. On the extreme side, the average body count for an active shooter situation stopped by Law Enforcement is 14.3. For those stopped by an armed citizen it's 2.3   Do the math folks. The criminals have taken away your right to NOT own a gun. All I ask is that you train with it and keep it responsibly. For those of you who think that one day the government will pass laws to take it away, be at peace. They'll have to tell folks in my business to do the taking and I'm sure all police agree, it's not going to happen.

One thing a few folks have asked me about is the present state of affairs concerning race in this country as it applies to my profession. I'll tell ya, it doesn't affect me at all really. I point to the Charleston shootings as an example. Perhaps it's just the area of the country here in the south, but there seems to be some logic here that is missing elsewhere. Folks around here, of all races, understand that most of the people being killed by officers would not have had that happen had they stayed inside the laws. And even though the p.o.s. that gunned those poor folks down  at the church did it to spark a race war, it didn't happen because his motives were directed toward a society he thought was predominantly racist. The North Charleston officer who murdered (yes, I saw the video, that's what it was) that fleeing suspect was immediately arrested (once the dumbass with the video finally came forward with it). That's how it's supposed to work.Newsflash, it's not the way these morons thought it was. If society were so polarized that some dumbass could shoot some people and start a race war, it would have started long ago, during the Jim Crow lynchings era. But it's not. If society was so misguided that they saw all police as killing that man, rather than an individual officer, that they felt justified in armed insurrection, rioting, looting, etc, it would have happened. But it didn't. Logic prevailed where elsewhere it didn't. Be an interesting psychological study.
     I see race. You can't be human and not. And many black people whom I encounter see me as a white cop, not just a cop. And it does give one preconceived notions. But I don't have to act or make decisions based on them. Most other people don't either. These turd didn't recognize that because their wiring was screwed up. People died for it. They'll get theirs. Society around here understands that. Wish other areas did too.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

State of the world

In Syria we've been dropping explosive stuff on places where non-combatants live. Nothing new there. Irritating that the President thinks this is a way to keep his hands clean rather than sending ground troops, but regardless. Fourteen missions in the past two days according to the Pentagon. ISIS is the target but those pesky civilians keep getting mixed up in it too. Reported 6 dead in the attacks. Bullets have your name on them but bombs and missiles are addressed To Current Resident.

On the home front, scam artists targeting older folk are on the rise. Attack is by volume. Call hundreds of folks and you're bound to find quite a few who really believe you when you tell them you have a warrant for them and unless they send you the security code for a cash card you instruct them to buy they'll be arrested. We make reports on the victims. They feel hollow and stupid when we explain to them we don't serve warrants over the phone, they'll never see their money again unless IC3 (the FBI computer crime division) or the feds can track these guys down, and most likely the suspect wasn't even operating inside this state. Like to one day get ahold of one of these weasels. Just sayin'

Getting closer to Christmas, people. Time for the bad guys to fill their Christmas fund. That means the answer is a resounding NO, people. Your work laptop you left on the back seat is NOT safe until the morning. NO, the handgun you keep in the glove box will not be there next time you look for it. NO, your car is not safe even though its in your driveway, with no valuables in sight, in a gated community or relatively safe subdivision. Most suspects we catch are under 20. Many looking for something they can sell. Just sayin'

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Living in the world

Was going to mention the progress in Syria. (Not tooting my own horn but three posts down.....) Syria is now admitting to stockpiles of chemical weapons. Rather than the sarcastic comment, I'm pointing toward this as progress. Russia has stepped forward to assist. The sabers are still there, the rattle has just lowered in volume a bit. We may be able to get through this one without getting up to our necks in yet another Middle Eastern war. As much as I see inevitability in US involvement there, would be nice to keep our troops out of it. Would be nice to see diplomacy take care of some of our differences. While I don't look through Rose Colored glasses, its still and always will be a primarily Muslim region, there are still thinking people there, just as there are here. Play it like Japan, and we'll have a war to end all wars. Play it like a mutual problem to be solved together, and we may get through this.

So tomorrow is September 11th. I don't expect to see anything happen. Tactically, there would be a much greater chance of success were they to wait til a day or two later. I'll be working tomorrow night. With two military installations in my jurisdiction and a third within my county, I'll be max attentive. Never let your guard down. But I expect, if anything is scheduled to happen, it will happen Thursday. I'll be working then too. Bring it.

Oh, the young dirt clod in the below post was arrested since that post.


Thursday, June 21, 2012
Remembered this site, coming back periodically to my much neglected blog. Think I may have to get this t-shirt.
The above is Lucas M Morgan. Having an armed home invasion robbery to his credit, you'll not be surprised to find he's now wanted for shooting some folks. One is dead, two are seriously injured. Probably still inside Beaufort County right now, so if anybody in South Carolina sees him, might want to phone your local authorities or, if within Beaufort County, 911. Consider him armed, dangerous, and with nothing to lose so don't try and take him yourself. That's what SWAT teams are for. Depending on who you talk to he's 5 foot 5 inches or 8 inches. About 150 pounds. The photo was his mug shot of about a year ago.

Friday, August 12, 2011

A bit on the Casey Anthony trial

Now, I'm not going to register an opinion here, not yet, as to her guilt. The problem therein lies in the roots of the jury's decision. Hint: We don't know what she did.
    Just wanted to make a comment on the defense. Now, ask any cop and you'll probably recieve a negative opinion in reference to Defense Lawyers. (Why does California have so many lawyers and New Jersey have so many toxic waste dumps ? New Jersey got first choice.) But I would have to say, Baez is making me question my opinion.
     The wife and I followed the trial quite avidly for different reasons. At first, like many others, I saw Baez as a slimy little maggot, spouting lies in his opening statement and appearing to have no real and valid defense. In fact, several times during those first few weeks I thought he was history, his defense of Anthony a joke at best and he incompetent.
     But as things went, around the second week I saw an intellect. My theory was that he would create room for so many appeals, Incompetent Council being one, that Anthony would eventually be offered a plea bargain. But there are Judicial checks and balances for such tactics and for Baez to weave such a string of venues without getting censured by the Bar, it would take an intelligence that most did not realize and give him credit for. Yet there he was doing it. Yes, His Honor had to reel both sides in a few times but for the most part Baez colored outside the lines without being obvious.
     I still think that was part of his plan, but it took two more weeks to see the real genius behind his faux stupidity. What most Americans don't realize is the Defense Lawyer's task in a case such as this is not to prove the innocence of his client, its not his job to prove anything. Its his job to create questions. Unanswered questions carry the most weight but conflicting questions answered incompletely will also serve the purpose. And thats exactly what Baez did.
     Once again I wrote this and forgot to publish it. Guess I'll just throw it out there and move on to a different topic.