Sunday, October 19, 2014

State of the world

In Syria we've been dropping explosive stuff on places where non-combatants live. Nothing new there. Irritating that the President thinks this is a way to keep his hands clean rather than sending ground troops, but regardless. Fourteen missions in the past two days according to the Pentagon. ISIS is the target but those pesky civilians keep getting mixed up in it too. Reported 6 dead in the attacks. Bullets have your name on them but bombs and missiles are addressed To Current Resident.

On the home front, scam artists targeting older folk are on the rise. Attack is by volume. Call hundreds of folks and you're bound to find quite a few who really believe you when you tell them you have a warrant for them and unless they send you the security code for a cash card you instruct them to buy they'll be arrested. We make reports on the victims. They feel hollow and stupid when we explain to them we don't serve warrants over the phone, they'll never see their money again unless IC3 (the FBI computer crime division) or the feds can track these guys down, and most likely the suspect wasn't even operating inside this state. Like to one day get ahold of one of these weasels. Just sayin'

Getting closer to Christmas, people. Time for the bad guys to fill their Christmas fund. That means the answer is a resounding NO, people. Your work laptop you left on the back seat is NOT safe until the morning. NO, the handgun you keep in the glove box will not be there next time you look for it. NO, your car is not safe even though its in your driveway, with no valuables in sight, in a gated community or relatively safe subdivision. Most suspects we catch are under 20. Many looking for something they can sell. Just sayin'