Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pakistan's progress

Pervez Musharraf has lost the backing of his people, garnering only 15% of the vote in the recent election. The word is that Pakistan's 160 Million people, primarily of Muslim faith, are using their Democratic system to oust Musharraf, and to many, his United States supporters. True to his word, stating that if he ever lost the backing of his people he would bow out, Musharraf has relinquished control of the military and is taking a smaller role in his country's government.

This in turn geeks me out in an extremity as here we have a Muslim country using the methods we profess to be the true form of free government, to combat what they feel is a mili-dictatorship that doesn't care for, or feed, its people. While I'm saddened by the attitude toward the US, I cannot help but applaud these people as proof positive that a Muslim country CAN be Democratic. Its almost a test run for what possibilities Iraq holds. Damn, I said that out loud.