Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A few things said....

The mice population dwindling. Hmmmm. Nope, still too worried about the human population. Cute little buggers though. And the lower population means the predators will need to find other foods. Vicious cycle that eventually can't be good for us. So maybe we should throw a few bucks to the researchers and conservationists. Couldn't hurt, seeing as we paid 1.1 Billion dollars over the past seven years to dead farmers. What am I talking about ? Ask the US Department Of Agriculture. Apparently in our still archaic effort to subsidize farms so they don't produce any food, the guys at US Ag forgot that eventually humans die. They just kept handing our tax money to these coops who for some reason didn't think it was a crime to collect checks made out to somebody else. Can't really blame them if we started this out by paying food growers not to grow food. It would be like paying me not to catch criminals. Wouldn't work for me so why are we doing it for the Aggies ?

In other news, the clueless masses are starting realize that 1) the Internet can be a dangerous place 2) bad people also have Internet connections (MYSPACE FOUND 29,000 registered sex offenders among its ranks recently) 3) DO YOU THINK WE MAY NEED TO TEACH OUR KIDS SOME COMMON-FUCKING-SENSE BEFORE THEY GET TO COLLEGE !

I mean good God people, as much as we live in a more enlightened society than our fathers there are still criminals out there who would like to take our loved ones away from us. I can't catch them all, none of us can. We have jurisdictional limits that don't allow me to go catch a perv in California, for good reason. But even President Bush recognizes the problem and is taking steps. He passed the House Bill that lets me carry a weapon in any state. Even in the Ivory Tower Bush understands that society, as we grow more trusting with the lowering of crime statistics, is raising a generations that adds a new dimension to naivete. And its up to us old farts to protect them. Donna Jou is missing because a predator snared her off the Internet. Its been long enough. I have no illusions that she is either dead or close to it. Finding her is up to the West Coast people and the Feds. Figuring out why this happened is up to the rest of us. Its not going to be that big of a stretch. I see it all the time. The other night I came across a mini van blocking traffic with a flat. There were 6 kids there approximate age 18. They were stymied because NONE OF THEM COULD CHANGE A TIRE ! It took me ten minutes to drop the spare and change it. I showed the kid who owned the van what I was doing and how I was doing it. I'm sure he's still clueless. Had his father been there I would have punched him. People, if we do everything for our kids we endanger them, we raise them to be helpless. For God's sake, take a minute and watch Finding Nemo. Find wisdom where it exists. Donna Jou is missing because we forgot that.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

*Stunned Silence*

David Sullivan walked. Clark County Superior Court Judge John Nichols found ­Sullivan not guilty of first-degree murder by reason of insanity and ordered him committed indefinitely to a mental hospital.

I thought we were beyond this, you know. In my naivete I still heard people scream 'Bi Polar' to excuse their actions, the world not wanting to be responsible for its actions. Had I a dollar for every one of them that shouted 'I blacked out' I would be a rich man but they still went to jail. They still were convicted. They were punished for their actions.I thought we had moved beyond excuses. Judges were interpereting the law and modifying it to fit the situation. Lawyers, DEFENSE lawyers, were making plea bargains on scumbags they knew they could get off clean for one reason with the case or another. They felt a role to play in keeping society safe too.

This takes us a step back. We've lost some ground here.

Think about it. In the Columbian article it even alludes to the progress Americans had made:
The state's definition of insanity is narrow; Tuesday's ruling marked the first time since 1999 a Clark County murder defendant met the standard.

The first time in eight years. No Judge Nichols. I can almost gaurantee you statistically there have been other cases that met the criteria. THE CRITERIA WAS IGNORED ! Why ? Because society is gaining common sense in post-9/11 America. We are starting to see the value of prudence, that the rights of the many outweigh the rights of the one as brought into startling clarity by Harris and Klebold. We are starting to remember that freedom does not mean relinquishing our safety.
The shrink that examined him for the defense had this to say:

The knowledge that stabbing a person is illegal and immoral may be in Sullivan's brain somewhere, but when he's in a psychotic state "he's going to have difficulty accessing it," Kolbell said.

"when he's in a psychotic state..." ? Sounds like 70's/80's Temporary Insanity bullshit. Are there times when he is NOT in a psychotic state ? If you tell me yes then I'm going to tell you that Sullivan will be living with you from now on. When he goes into one of his 'psychotic state's, you be sure to let me know.

The Beast is laughing at us and turning back toward its latest project.

First my brothers and I weren't there for Anna, now the Judicial Branch turns its back on her memory. When I no longer feel outraged over this ruling it will be because I've finished my journey on this planet.