Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Living in the world

Was going to mention the progress in Syria. (Not tooting my own horn but three posts down.....) Syria is now admitting to stockpiles of chemical weapons. Rather than the sarcastic comment, I'm pointing toward this as progress. Russia has stepped forward to assist. The sabers are still there, the rattle has just lowered in volume a bit. We may be able to get through this one without getting up to our necks in yet another Middle Eastern war. As much as I see inevitability in US involvement there, would be nice to keep our troops out of it. Would be nice to see diplomacy take care of some of our differences. While I don't look through Rose Colored glasses, its still and always will be a primarily Muslim region, there are still thinking people there, just as there are here. Play it like Japan, and we'll have a war to end all wars. Play it like a mutual problem to be solved together, and we may get through this.

So tomorrow is September 11th. I don't expect to see anything happen. Tactically, there would be a much greater chance of success were they to wait til a day or two later. I'll be working tomorrow night. With two military installations in my jurisdiction and a third within my county, I'll be max attentive. Never let your guard down. But I expect, if anything is scheduled to happen, it will happen Thursday. I'll be working then too. Bring it.

Oh, the young dirt clod in the below post was arrested since that post.


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