Thursday, December 6, 2007

We are creating these people.

So here we have another piece of shit taught by the bleeding hearts that the quickest way to immortality is to obtain a weapon and randomly kill people.

The same people that use the phrase 'bi-polar' instead of 'childish' or 'immature' created Robert A. Hawkins. The parents that let him go with business unfinished and tasks left undone created Robert A. Hawkins. The lady who took him in rather than just renting him a room, you can tell by the way she describes him as 'a lost puppy that nobody wanted' that Robert A. Hawkins was not required at any time to become a man. She, too, helped create Robert A. Hawkins. The society which aggrandizes spree killers and serial killers showed Robert A. Hawkins the path to notoriety. "Now I'll be famous" The Beast caught eight this time. If we make an example of those who created him, perhaps we'll take one step closer to safety from Robert A. Hawkins.

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duncan said...

here here!

god damn low IQ'd bastards =)