Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm back

Been off line for a bit but I'm back, having moved a short distance and taking advantage of a sweet property deal (Appraised at $299k, bought for $243k, 5.75% FIXED for 30 years. 2100 sqr feet with two car garage, tile floor, etc. If you're interested in moving to the lower east side of South Carolina or northern Georgia or a few other places in Texas, email me . If you credit me with sending you their way, I get a $500 Home Depot Credit Card if you close. This kind of deal is going on and on in this area. DR Horton is making its money by volume sales on new homes in really nice subdivisions with incentives like $2000 cash cards on closing. They buy your 100%mortgage down to 5.75% fixed if you close by a certain date. If you know nothing about home buying, trust me, this is a great deal. ) But I digress....

So al-Qaida Deputy Leader Ayman al-Zawahri had an open question period on line recently. I turned pale watchin all the pundits place such a high value on this event, even though no answers have been forthcoming to the over 900 posts and x2 or higher questions. Many of the questions focused on long term strategy for al-Qaida with a liberal dose of questions regarding command and control of operatives and the big one, why hasn't there been further attacks on the US? What surprised me though were questions of the same flavor regarding no attacks on IRAN ! Apparently the true believers on the lower end of the food chain regard Iran as a target for aggression as well. (psst, hey dumbasses, Iran is getting the bomb !)
So anyway, the pundits are for some reason feeling that the lack of answers to people who MUST be al-Qaida holy warriors must be a sign that the top of the food chain has no control. Further, the type of questions posed MUST be reason to believe that no information is travelling down to where it is needed. What a crock. People, if I asked you about masturbation in a crowded room, would you answer me ? Most likely not. But if you really felt I needed the answer you would use a more private mode of communication, which is likely what the al-Qaida leadership did. This not counting that the purpose for the on-line forum was probably NOT what they stated it was for. Hell, it could have been a CIA plot to gain intel on operative email addresses and user names. Stranger shit has happened and worked in the past.
Thats all for now.

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