Thursday, April 3, 2008

We get caught up in ourselves and then...

We had just begun our tour the other day and I walked out of our shift meeting lost in the tasks I had ahead of me and wondering if the general public would allow me to get them done. (They never do.) Then I looked up into this. Stopped me dead in my tracks. My Corporal was talking to me about something but I had to ignore him for the moment. Whipped out my trusty Sony Cybershot so I could share this with y'all. Sometimes we forget the cliches that we need to remember. Like stop and smell the roses. While the rest of the night was anticlimactic (except for the guy who volunteered to go to jail the next morning) this was a darn good beginning.

Please, feel free to copy these to whatever place or page you wish. God, Allah, The Great Is did not give this to me. He just let me borrow it. Its yours too, and everyone else's. Remind me to tell you about my brushes with God sometime. (not enough time right now).

You can go to a movie and pay $14 to get in and $5 for a small soda and $18 for a small popcorn and you will be entertained but here is something you don't have to pay for, its given to you. Such a gift you need to stop and accept, even if you're like me and don't receive gifts very well. This one was given to me. More like the opportunity to pass it on was given to me. As sacrilegious as it may sound (though not intended), I am God's beyotch. Which has to do with the aforementioned brushes with God which I told you I don't have time right now to get into so stop asking. Get back to work.

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