Friday, April 29, 2011

Do they not realize ?

With each shot fired, the revolution grows stonger ? Even the UAE has a certain grasp of the modern world while still maintaining a healthy respect for their history and beliefs. A child tries a jump on a bicycle and fails. Others try and fail. The cuts and bruises multiply but eventually, the others see the folly and don't try it themselves. Surely there are enough cuts and bruises in history for the Syrians to see that their modus operandi for conducting their governmental business is taking a cruise on the Fail boat. Yet they continue. And the bodies pile higher. But the business as usual complacency is blinding them to the harsh reality. Humans are getting tired of being treated like cattle. You can believe in tradition and yet not accept government soldiers killing your loved ones. And with the world's attention focused on the Middle East almost primarily these past ten years, those who continue to slaughter their population are in for an eventual wake up call. The sheep are no longer content in the pasture, and the farmer best pay heed.

They need not accept democracy. Lord knows its limped along in America, it no longer resembles what it was intended, but change is an inevitable fact of life. Embrace it ? Maybe not. But the intelligent leader recognizes inevitability and makes room for it. I would go as far as saying that had Sadaam recognized this, learned to govern with a pen and an ear toward the people, he might still be alive today. Maybe not in power, but breathing. Governments have a short memory for past sins when the sinner has outwardly changed his ways and time has presented more pressing problems.

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