Thursday, September 20, 2007

The world is getting silly again...

Apparently the ever-smiling Iranian leader has a twisted sense of humor. Apparently he wanted to lay a wreath at Ground Zero. Okay, he scores a point for testicular fortitude but really, was there ever a chance ?;_ylt=Anq76ln16SMElE2EmUh6Lo.s0NUE
The Juice is back in court for, well, continuing to be the criminal that he's always been. Now mind you, he had to do it the way he did. If he had reported the items stolen and had the police recover them, damn good chance they would have been sold and the money given to the Goldmans and Browns. Had he gotten away with his robbery so to speak, he would have reacquired his stuff without anybody knowing. My wife was asking how a broke man like Simpson could afford the $125k bail. I laughed at her. Guess even hyper intelligent people can be naive at times. (Hint: Scumbag gave all his money to friends to hold for him and then there are the other rich friends who still like the murdering bastard or, dare I say it, still think the bastard is innocent)

Apparently things have become confused in Jenna, Louisiana. The funny part is, its not the residents who are having the mental lapse. Its people like Al Sharpton, David Bowie, and Jessie Jackson. Now, if all three were to say they felt the attempted murder charge was too harsh for the Jenna 6, and that assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature would be more fitting, I would have to agree with them. One person is an assault and battery but six, leaving the victim bleeding and unconscious, that's a horse of a different color. But murder ? The kid didn't die. They could have killed him but didn't. Need to prove intent, which would have been difficult. Thing is, Sharpton and the boys haven't mentioned what they think the charge should be. Show me logic and I can side with you. Show me radical thought, that the boy deserved it for what other kids did a few weeks ago, well then you've lost reason. Mind you, those boys with the nooses may not have committed a crime by Louisiana law, but I'd still think it worth a minute for their fathers to take them out behind the barn for a good talking to.

Now, just in case you other states have a confusion, this is how its done here in South Carolina. So this man here, Vinson Filyaw, kidnapped a 14 year old girl and chained her to a post in a
bunker he had built. Over the next ten days he raped her daily. Dip shit has been sentenced to 421 years in jail. I'm presently taking bets as to whether he survives the first month. But the fact of the matter is, if you can't stomach the death penalty, this is how you do it. You put them away and forget about them.
Preferably in a bunker like the one he kept the girl in. Maybe give him a sweaty 300 pound room mate named Bubba (It has been my experience that most Bubbas don't take kindly to perverts) Ask them, my friends. Look on your local sex offender registry and find one and ask one, do they still think of having sex with children even after serving jail time ? I'll save you the trouble. They do.

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