Wednesday, October 31, 2007

God save me from comparisons...

With some room for error and unreported casualties on both ends, still, things are calming down a bit. Some would say that the reduction was due to the Muslim fast of Ramadan but I have to disagree. First reason being the statistics that on average the militants escalate their attacks during this time period. Then again, it could just be a ruse, they know that tactically the soldiers would be on high alert due to the history of this ritual, so they wait until the soldiers have spent a few sleepless nights then attack. But that has not come to fruition. Second, like the Viet Cong before him, people fighting for what they believe is their beliefs would take a certain pride in violating their rituals for the cause. "This is what I am sacrificing for my God."

No, and I know I'll be disagreed with, but I think that, like the Viet Nam War, the insurgents may be close to a major manpower shortage. I do not doubt the heart and faith that these people show, but after a while the body count has to lead to attrition folks. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute." Well don't you think eventually the clerics preaching dissent will eventually run out of bodies to hurl into the flames ? Don't get me wrong, I don't think they're beaten, but you need a boy to carry the gun into the fight and they are running out of fighters.

We are experiencing a slight manpower shortage on our side of the fence too, but not so much that our efforts will be hampered. The strength of the United States has always been its ability to outproduce the enemy. The average soldier does not want to be in Iraq, according to a friend who just returned, but they will do the job needed to be done while they are there.

My greatest fear is that, like Viet Nam, we will start pulling out before we are ready. Congress needs to remember that every pen stroke has the potential to cost lives. Should we move on to Iran ? Oh hell yeah. Should we cut a garrison in Baluchi Pass in the Uruzgan province (shown above) from 500 men to 200 to supply the new effort ? Not if you value the lives of the 200. None left behind will be safe unless you turn Syria into a glass parking lot so the best bet would be to increase the training garrison over there. Train hordes more Iraqis to defend the backs of our troops as we move on toward the next foe. Then throw them in the deep end of the pond. I think the Iraqi troops will learn to swim rather than sink.

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