Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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I tell you, I like people with opinions. I love a good debate, where both sides are opinionated and educated in their subject. Everyone brings something to the table. I am not satisfied with the stale debate over Blackwater and Iraq and all that it entails. It seems that neither side has done its homework.
I've posted a few, here and there. How we as law enforcement guarding the US don't fire warning shots, why should our armed forces ? If the guy sees guns pointed at him and keeps driving, he's asking to die. If your spotter tells you to shoot in a certain direction and you hesitate, chances are you're going to be killed right quick.Things that to me seem common sense but to others are foreign concepts. Doesn't help that our Commander in Chief has idiots advising him on public relations. No, seems to me we've hit a road block that could be quite easily be explained to everyone's satisfaction should the right person use the right words. All caused by a guy who knew he was driving his family to their deaths. Bin Laden must be pissing his pants laughing at this point.

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