Monday, May 5, 2008

Its almost scary

I look into my Stat Counter every so often to see if anybody has read my stuff. For the most part, no, but I can't blame anybody but myself for being the boring old ranting fart that I am. I enjoy doing a blog entry now and again so it serves its purpose. What scares me though is this picture here. It was part of a blog entry I did in April of 2007. Most people who come to see me enter on the April page. Because if you were to look at the statistics you'll find that most of the people who find my blog are looking for this picture. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold dead on the floor (where they should be, of course). Why, I wonder. Are they pundits looking to illustrate their own thoughts and opinions on the subject matter ? Somehow the cynical side of me can't believe that. I think its more of a possibility that its just runts who idolize the two bastards. Mom, Dad ? What are your children looking at ?

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