Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meeting the minds half way

I must admit that the first thing that springs to my mind is something along the lines of agent provocateur, China has invaded Taiwan from within. How can two countries with such a history of fear and intent on domination come together like this ? (Though Wu Poh-Hsiung does look like the Grandfatherly type with his balding head and powder blue tie)

It has been said, quite a bit ago I might add, that China would stand as the next World Power, taking the place of the United States as the monitor of the world community. It was said that China was the only country with the resources and will to enforce a certain humanity over the constantly warring and struggling countries that make up this planet without having to take over said countries. I can't say whether they themselves could withstand the temptation to dominate and posses some five years ago, but perhaps if we take a close look at the way they handle their own current crisis internally and the results of their diplomacy with Taiwan, we might come to a better understanding of their present social psyche.

Already, before the tremors have subsided, Chinese officials have begun talk of allowing parents to have more children and what is to be done to help those in affected areas to rebuild. Further, some 5,000 orphans are already being held out for adoption. Officials at the lowest layer of government are questioning higher without fear of reprisal and those above them are listening. They want answers as to the destruction of so many schools and other infrastructure related issues. Clearly, not the China of Tienanmen Square, which would have written off the cries of protest, prehaps violently.

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