Sunday, April 22, 2007

Making sense of it all. Or rather...

One must not beat dead horses as it will wear you out for no reason, but I can't help but touch briefly on the Trolley Square killings in Utah. Here we have Vanessa Quinn, married four years prior and she is finally able to afford a wedding ring. Valentines Day is nigh and this is the best time. Just thinking about it I can feel the love that must have been there. Looking for the perfect expression of their commitment to each others lives and looking forward to a life toge-BANG ! She's gone. A symbol or self expression by the Beast who likes to prove the point in blood. A point with little meaning as is expressed too often. Then people still breathing use words like tragedy and loss to express themselves. Words used so often that they have lost their meaning.
But when the living look at this act of the Beast, they catch a glimps. A seed is planted that one might not even know is there. The seed is Ken Hammond. An off duty officer who, like myself, believes the uniform is a twelve hour shift but the duty is 24/7. And Ken, like alot of other cops do and even more need too, carries a gun off duty. Ken hasn't forgotten the beast doesn't work shifts. Moreso, Ken knows that he may take his family into a restaurant and there will be the guy he arrested two nights ago for beating his wife and that guy might be holding a grudge. So Ken carries off duty.
So Ken hears the guns shots and rather than trying to make sense of it all right then he instead does the smart thing. Gets his family to run for safety. That being done, Ken goes to work hunting the Beast. Not much time, can't wait for others. Remember, each shot means a life taken. Ken corners the bastard. Now he can stop pressing forward. Local officers arrive and its over.
More on this later...

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