Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Son of a ........

Well there you go. 32 dead. The killer dead but he was just the tool for the Beast. The method to the madness. I'm still in shock over investigating the Columbine shootings and my earlier blog post coming in a time frame so close in relation to this incident.

Before the bodies were off the floor people were going live and calling it a comparison to Columbine. It happened in a school, people. That's the only similarity.http://www.acolumbinesite.com/ Here. Read a little bit about it.

And where, may I ask, were the guns ? Virginia Tech is in a Southern state. We in the south are mighty partial to our firearms. Are you telling me that out of hundreds of students not one had a gun ? The freaks at NRA Headquarters must be jumping for joy at the cliche. 32 dead because guns were outlawed and only the outlaw had a gun. http://www.nra.org/ They haven't made any formal comment yet, preferring to be cautious. Wouldn't want the people reading to get the impression they're using 32 dead as a political tool. Smart move on their part.

And I am quick to say that I wasn't there, but I stand in smug self-righteous indignation when I see the cell film of those sworn law enforcement officers standing outside the building as shots are fired indoors. Not that far of a stretch to think that each shot means a life taken. Combat News Network (CNN) web site has the cell film if you want to see it.

We've had the title 'Active Shooter' for years in the law enforcement world. Another synonym for a form of the beast. There can't be a cop alive who hasn't seen the films of the Columbine shootings. Seen the officers standing OUTSIDE, behind their cars. Waiting for the SWAT team while people died inside. We have all stood witness to the mistake made then and sworn to use the hindsight to never make the same mistake those cops in Colorado did. Hell, My department dropped some $50,000 on equipment after that. We sent our SWAT Commander and other trainers to Active Shooter Training. The entire department had to undergo the training. Painful training using sub-munitions. I left my share of blood on the floor with everyone else. Scalp cuts. Bruised knees. Skin torn from hands. We all left with some kind of hurt but we left knowing that if it happened here any one of us, man or woman, road patrolman or evidence clerk, could form a diamond and neutralize the threat.

But you don't need the training. Its a great tool in fighting the beast but you don't need it to know that there's a bastard inside the building in front of you killing people and you have the means to stop him. Go do it.
More on this later....

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