Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Rant Continues

Lets take a look at Suzanna Hupp. Her beast was George Hennard. Hennard, coincidentally also a hater of women, drove through the front of a Luby's restaurant in Killeen Texas and began shooting the patrons at random. Hupp owned a handgun but due to laws restricting her carrying it concealed, left it out in the car. Hupp first watched her father rush Hennard but he was gunned down before he could make his attack.

When an auto mechanic threw himself through a plate glass window and opened the way for others to escape, Hupp followed thinking her mother was close behind. Hupp's mother was not
and was subsequently shot and killed. Hupp lost both of her parents to the Beast and afterward entered the world of politics where she was a staunch advocate of the second amendment.

You know, as I think of it, I feel I'm beginning to sound more and more like an NRA advertisement. I promise you, I'm not.

My question here is this: Had Hupp known of the Beast's intentions, she obviously would not have let her family enter Luby's. But had she no choice in the matter, would she have disobeyed the law and entered with her hand gun in her purse ? Most likely. You and I are no different when it comes to our families. And what about ourselves ? Does not there also exist an urge for self defence in all of us ? Where is it, I wonder, in times like these ?
You, the civilian, the public, the people of this nation, must be wondering what the hell is going on. I tell you that none of this comes as a surprise to the law enforcement community. The problem you face is recognizing that the threat exists, acknowledging that there is a danger. The problem we face is defending against something that, due in large to the way our society and our laws are defined, cannot be defended against as the situation stands.
Case in point, the boy I met the other day. I cannot go into detail as my agency prohibits it. But I call him a boy as I am over twenty years older than him. He is by legal standards an adult. He committed a crime of violence that fell into the category of a felony that involved a weapon. He has a history of abusing animals, drugs, pedophilia. As much as I want to get my point across, I can't go into further detail. An FBI profiler would be deafened by the sound of the warning bells about now. In speaking with him, he had an air of aloof calm about him, yet he had less than an hour before committed a violent act. He wanted to help us in our investigation and did so with enthusiasm but if you look closely, you could see he just wanted the full extent of his acts known. A brag, if you will. His pride was this act and he wanted all to see. While he smiled and conversed with me as we drove in my patrol car, I felt the beast sitting right behind me. I wondered, is this what Harris and Klebold were like ? Do I have a spree killer behind me ? No, I didn't wonder, I knew. This skinny little skate punk, this boy, was the beast. The beast had no interest in me. I'm a small time player in the game. But I could see the potential in him. The ability to create a great tragedy. And me with no way to stop it. Sure, I could make the melodramatic statement here. I could say I wanted to end the boy right then. But we all know that is foolishness. Killing based on thoughts and ideas that had no way of being proven, would that not make me the Beast ?
I have known our local FBI guy for quite a while and worked with him before. Nothing major. I am, after all, only a patrol sergeant. But I'll copy all I can of this kid's file. I'll give it to my FBI friend so that he can see what I see and feel just as powerless to stop this as I do.

Disclaimer: I use alot of links such as Wikipedia to explain my points. I do not endorse any particular information source as 100% correct. (I've sent corrections to a few in the past) Do not believe everything you read. Find out for yourselves, my friends.

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